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Rotator Cuff Shoulder
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Causes of a Frozen Shoulder

A Good Night's Sleep

Is your rotator cuff pain keeping you up at night? A good night's sleep is an important part of your recovery process.

Peaceful, undisturbed and sufficient sleep is vital for our well-being. When our sleep is interrupted by discomfort or pain, the effects can be upsetting and debilitating.


Diagnosis of your shoulder condition

Exercise is Essential

You might not feel like exercising, but it's probably the best way to help your rotator cuff to heal. Read our full guide to exercise for recovery.

Exercise is aimed at strengthening the muscles and tendons and improving flexibility within the shoulder joint.



Managing the Pain

It could take a while for your shoulder to heal. In bad cases of Rotator Cuff disease you will need a solid pain management strategy

   Dr Kuhn's exercise program
   Niel Asher Technique (NAT)
   Massage Therapy


Some years ago I was introduced to the Niel ASher Technique by a doctor colleague here in Minneapolis and have been using it ever since to treat shoulder patients - mostly with great results, and in some cases, quite amazing results!

Jonathan Reynolds, Physiotherapist, PhD, USA"

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